Screenplay competitions are a fantastic way to get crucial feedback on your script, and network with film development folks. (Pitchfest anybody?)

But in some cases, you can actually make a decent amount of change from a script competition.) So, here is a slideshare presentation on what 10 Top Screenplay Competitions pay:

“What Top 10 Screenplay Competitions Actually Pay Out” Text Transcript:
Screenplay Competitions and What They Pay Out #1: Academy Nicholl Fellowship
DESCRIPTION: Sponsored by the Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Don and Gee Nicholl Fellowship is the most elite of the screenwriting competitions. Up to five $35,000 fellowships are awarded each year to the best screenwriters with the requirement that winners complete one feature screenplay by year’s end.
Screenplay Competitions and What They Pay Out #2: PAGE International Screenwriting Award
DESCRIPTION: Highly competitive due to only one prize being given out, the PAGE Screenwriting Award rewards $25,000 to the best screenplay in any genre. It’s judged by working professionals with experience getting big studio movies made.
Screenplay Competitions and What They Pay Out #3: Script Pipeline Screenwriting Competition
DESCRIPTION: Networking was this contest’s initial goal. Not only does the winner get connected with top TV and Film producers, but the first place winner gets $20,000 in cash.
Screenplay Competitions and What They Pay Out #4: The Beverley Hills Screenplay Contest
Description: A total of $20,000 in prize money is awarded to finalists of the Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest in its five categories: Feature, Short Screenplay, Stage Play, TV Script and Treatments. Winners also are publicized to the media, helping them network with producers and execs. Competitions and What They Pay Out #5: BIG BREAK Screenwriting Contest
DESCRIPTION: Started by the screenwriting software you know and love, Final Draft, this annual contest aims to bring unknown, talented screenwriters to the limelight. First place receives $15,000 with second and third receiving $4K and $2K, respectively.

Screenplay Competitions and What They Pay Out #6: Blue Cat Screenplay Competition
DESCRIPTION: For every screenwriter who submits to this competition, they’ll receive two critiques with helpful feedback from qualified Hollywood-players. The best screenplay is awarded $15,000 for any genre.
Screenplay Competitions and What They Pay Out #7: Scriptapalooza
DESCRIPTION: Sciptapalooza was started in order to find unfound writing talent. First place is awarded a $10,000 prize plus publicity for a year.
Screenplay Competitions and What They Pay Out #8: Emerging Screenwriters Screenplay Competitions
DESCRIPTION: Calling all first-time screenplay writers! This contest awards the best screenplay $10,000 with hefty cash prizes through 6th place. Winners receive one-on-one guidance from famed screenwriter Robert McKee. Competitions and What They Pay Out #9: Slamdance Screenwriting Competition
DESCRIPTION: Well respected in the industry and a sure-fire way to get real producers and agents to read your script, the Slamdance Screenwriting competition also awards $5000 to the best screenplay, and $2000 to the best Teleplay.

Screenplay Competitions and What They Pay Out #10: Cinequest Screenwriting Competitions
Description: The Cinequest Film Festival is great for uncovering new talent, and the top prize for the best screenplay is $5000. The top 10 screenwriters all get to have their scripts read by big-time producers and execs who may represent the scripts they love most.


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