I’m SO old I remember a time when you couldn’t find screenplays online. Mostly because there was NO online. (Some of you scripty younguns won’t believe me. But there was a time before Google. I think it’s called the “Mesozoic era.”)

But THESE DAYS there’s no excuse for boosting your screenwriting craft – and nothing sharpens your screenwriter skills like reading tons of good (and bad) scripts.

So here are 5 4 Kick-Ass Locations to find screenplays online…without paying a single dime.

(Warning: Like a studio head’s job, these sites can (and may) disappear. If you like a script, grab it…FAST!)

#1 Place to Find Free Screenplays Online: Simply Scripts

There’s so many things I like about Simply Scripts. The prominent front page, which displays the latest scripts. The fact that they mix in unproduced – but industry-worthy – scripts from time to time. The great collection of not only movie scripts, plays, and even non-english scripts.

And…in my never humble opinion…they seem to have the MOST stable platform of all the scripts online services. (No wonky server issues.)

Now there are a few pesky Google ads to deal with. But so what…welcome to the Internet. Otherwise a fantastic and worthwhile resource.

Link: Simply Scripts

#2 Place to Find Free Screenplays Online: Daily Script

Daily Script is like a bare-bones Craigslist-type alternative to the “somewhat” flashy Simply Scripts.

Super easy to navigate. (No frills, remember.) And a pretty decent collection. (Though they won’t have as much new stuff as Simply Scripts.) Daily Script is a must bookmark in your browser. (In addition they’ve got an IMDB link for each movie in each listing. Pretty frickin’ cool.)

Link: Daily Script

#3 Place to Find Screenplays Online: John August Blog

So, John August, screenwriter of “Go,” “Big Fish,” “Charlie’s Angels,” – and a noteworthy director in his own right – has gone the extra screenwriting mile by sharing all of of his scripts (and their many drafts) on his blog.

Obviously you won’t get the selection of the other online screenplay sites, but if you want to deep-dive in how a script can change from original spec to shooting script (to even audition scene for casting) then this rare and valuable library is a worthwhile add to your screenwriting to-do list.

Link: John August Blog

#4 Place to Find Free Screenplays Online: Internet Movie Script Database

So…this site isn’t so much a script collection, as it is a search engine to finding scripts online.

Now some of the user experience features are a bit odd. (Really…I have to copy and past the script of newer releases.) But if you’re terminally lazy – like me – and don’t want to traipse all over the Internet looking for a script this is a good express lane to zoom past.

Link: Internet Movie Script Database

What Site NOT to Use

This list used to be 5. (But after some unexpected reconnaissance from ScriptBully explorer, Karl, do NOT visit Drew’s Script-a-Rama. (Used to be a decent resource – but is now filled with virus bots. Bad, bad news.)

Did I miss resource to find screenplays online? Think my choices are crap? Let me know in the comments below!


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