Hey There Screenwriter,

3You’re on this webpage because you have graciously agreed to give an HONEST review of my new book “How to Kick Writer’s Block” in exchange for a REVIEW copy.

And for that you rock! (Honestly even a sentence or two helps.)

So, here’s how it’ll work:

1) Grab a copy of the book using the following links – PDF formatMobi (Amazon) format ePUb (Non-Amazon ebook format)

2) Take a look at the book (and hopefully use it to help you write more)

3) Please leave a REVIEW, if you can, (even a sentence helps) by Wednesday, 17th of August (That’s when I’ll be pulling this page down.) Review link: http://scriptbully.com/blockreview

4) Write more than you ever thought possible (even more than Michael Bay thought possible)


I don’t want to sway your review one way or the other, but some folks what should you put in a review.

Here are a couple questions I ask myself when writing reviews…

  • What did I learn?
  • Who else would benefit from this book or course?
  • What specific tactics did they recommend?
  • What’s my number-one takeaway?

Thanks again and if you have any questions, or you have trouble accessing the review copies, let me know. (I’m not super tech-y with that stuff but I’ll do my best.)


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