Books by Michael Rogan:

Screenwriting Made (Stupidly) Easy – The Ultimate ScriptBully Guide to Writing a Screenplay That Doesn’t Suck (ScriptBully Press)

Whether its sharpening your dialogue or creating more vivid characters to learning to format a telephone call, here is the complete ScriptBully collection that will take you from idea to marketing in the screenwriting process.

How to Write a Screenplay That Doesn’t Suck (and Will Actually Sell)   (ScriptBully Press)
There are nearly 50,000 screenplays registered with the Writer’s Guild every year. And 99 percent of them suck. This is the ultimate guide to help you avoid suckiness – and write a script that can actually make you money.(ScriptBully Press)But they don’t have to.

How to Write a Movie Script With Characters That Don’t Suck (ScriptBully Press)
Forget three-act structure and detailed scene outlines. The success and marketability of your script will depend on the power of emotional depth of your characters. This book shows you a step-by-step strategy for creating characters that don’t suck – and get Hollywood interested.

How to Write With a Script With Dialogue That Doesn’t Suck (ScriptBully Press)
Most writers think dialogue can’t be taught. Bull-hockey! In this book I walk you through from dialogue newbie to verbal character battle expert. (And all without asking you to watch a single “Transformers” movie.)

Screenplay Format Made (Stupidly) Easy (ScriptBully Press)
Want a screenplay template guide that will show how you to do cool things like a CROSS DISSOLVE or an INTERCUT or an ANGLE ON without looking like a total newbie? Want some clear screenplay examples that don’t sound like they came from the 80s? Get your Ph.D in Screenplay Format studies with this done-for-you manual.

Selling a Screenplay in the 21st Century (ScriptBully Press)

Ya know what’s even more fun than writing a screenplay…that’s right! Selling a screenplay! In this super-simple blueprint to getting your script sold, you’ll learn modern, new techniques for turning those hours of typing into an asset that can make you money – and jump-start your writing career.

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